Who Is Cole Adler?

Cole Adler is a future award winning author. Here’s a list of awards he will one day win:

Poor background guy, he didn’t know he was in the presence of genius.
  • The Neptunian Humor Award
  • The Gloflox Funniest Author Medal
  • The Dragon’s Eye Award for Stupid Puns

Haven’t heard of these awards? That’s only because they haven’t been invented yet. Once they are though, you will be impressed!

Cole’s writing is ahead of the curve. So why haven’t you heard of him? Well, the infamous curve is part of an infinite loop. While Cole is ahead of the curve, he’s a few laps behind everyone else. But it appears that he’s ahead and that’s all that matters.

Which strangely is what the doctor said when Cole was born.

“It appears that he’s a head,” the doctor said. A nurse fainted from fright; but it all worked out because the nurse, Laura Jennings, got a paid day off to recover and was able to enjoy several re-runs of The Beverly Hillbillies.

While Cole no longer keeps in touch with Nurse Jennings, he’s certain she would be thrilled to know he’s almost done writing his first novel, tentatively called Milk Rot until a better title introduces itself.

For those who are unaware, titles normally introduce themselves by poking Cole in the eye. Titles are big fans of The Three Stooges.

Cole hopes to follow in the paths of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, and Neil Gaiman. Mostly because after careful consideration, these paths have beautiful scenery and just the right number of rest stops.

Check back soon when Cole will have a few short stories published on the site.


What People Are Saying About Cole:

Cole mocking the Mausoleum Industrial Complex.

“Really Funny!”
– Cole’s mom

“Much funnier on paper than in person!” 
– Cole’s friend

“Probably shouldn’t grow a beard.”
– Cole’s partner


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