Mardi Gras Is A Contact Sport

Step right up and try to take on New Orleans Mardi Gras!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Carnivale Cole’s Mardi Gras Pitching Contest! Step right up and show off your strength and accuracy! Prove your skills to that lovely lady or gentleman in your life. Win them beads! A stuffed animal! Or any number of wonderous prizes.

Who will be the first to show us what sort of king cake they’re made of?

You, sir! Thank you very much. Step right up.

Let’s all give him a round of applause!

Now sir, let me start you off with 5 3-lb bags of beads. We’ll put you on this parade float and get you traveling down the street.

I got photobombed as I tried to take a picture pointing at the mansion in the background. Two minutes later, I snagged a bag of beads before they crushed this lady’s head.

Up ahead, you’ll see people standing on platforms and ladders. Knock down at least 3 people and win this amazing stuffed elephant for your lady friend!

Okay ladies and gentlemen, hee went for the college girl on the foot-width platform. Good choice, she had nowhere to dive!

Oh! A near hit! Unfortunately the bag exploded on a ladder showering everyone with beads.

Bonus points for hitting someone already standing on the ground! They crumpled like a wet paper bag!

He must be getting desperate! He went for the baby carriage! Too bad it’s empty! A ruse de guerre!

Last chance, who will he go for?

The gentleman on the ladder who, it seems, was not quite as drunk as our contestant assumed! The man on the ladder caught the bag! No points awarded.

Thank you, sir for playing! Better luck next time!

For those who don’t know, this is a king cake. It is amazing. You should trade your first-born in for one immediately.